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Derby RTC Survey

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1. Is there anything in particular you like about what is going on in Derby right now?

2. Please list some positive things being done by the present Mayor?

3. Please list some positive things that were done by the last mayor?

4. Is there anything in particular you do not like about what is going on in Derby right now?

5. Is there anything the present mayor is doing, that you do not like?

6. Was there anything the last mayor did that you did not like?

7. Please list some issues that you would like the next administration to address.

8. Do You think it makes any difference weather Derby is being run by Republicans, or Democrats?

9. Do you feel that your input matters

10. Do you think that you can make a difference in any way?

11. What qualities would you look for in the mayor that will run Derby for the next two years?

12. What values, beliefs, character would you look for, before voting for an Alderman?

13. If you knew that your involvement would make a difference, would you invest some time, or money to further our conservative values?

14. Is there something besides time that keeps you from getting involved in the political process?

15. Please feel free to make any comment that was not mentioned in the above questions

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